zeb. (familiarresolve) wrote in robot_ate_me,

hello, everyone.

i saw the robot ate me saturday night and would like to share my experience.

i was able to talk to ryland before he played and was very nice. and quiet. his set was amazing. he played the following: bad feelings, just one girl, apricot tea, tonight, the red haired girl, our bones were chalk, we ate eachother, crispy christian tea time, and this love is waiting. i requested four songs, and he played every one. i think he also played one or two more from carousel waltz, but i can't remember which. when he played tonightt and crispy christian tea time, he got off stage and sang around us as we danced (he asked us to). the lights were a nice touch, too. there couldn't have been more than 20 people in the room, so the music was even more intimate than it usually is. ryland spent the night at my friend's house because he had nowhere to stay, so we had the chance to hang out with him sunday. it was wonderful. i regret not asking him more questions about his music, but i was too nervous to. oh well.

he sang to me! (and i was hot)

that's my friend levon.

we needed some percussion. beatboxing sufficed.

he sang apricot tea to jody, who was having a bad day.


he made vegetable soup and we watched dummy after dinner.

ok, so that was a lot of pictures after all.

this is my first time posting in the community. i hope i did alright.
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